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Straw Blowers – Spreading Productivity

FINN Straw Blowers are technologically advanced to handle jobs ranging from small lawns to huge mining sites.

Designed to deliver smooth, reliable power for maximum straw shredding and discharge, FINN Straw Blowers spread straw over huge areas of seeded soil with dramatically less labor and extraordinary time savings compared to traditional hand shaking. Its uniform coverage also gives the finished product a professional appearance. FINN Straw Blowers multiply your productivity and profits by doubling straw coverage in a fraction of the time it takes to apply by hand. There is no more efficient way to ensure soil moisture retention and protect against erosion damage to freshly seeded areas.

Profitable and Efficient Coverage for:
* Seed Protection
* Soil Stabilization
* Mud Control
* Pipelines
* Erosion Control
* Underground Utility Construction

B40 Straw Blowers – Shred and Blow 2-3 Bales of Straw in Less than a Minute or 120 Bales of Pine Straw in an Hour

The FINN B40 brings mulching ease to small landscaping operations. You save time and energy by eliminating tedious and time consuming hand mulching, and the quality and coverage are far superior to that of traditional methods. Using the B40 Straw Blower can guarantee a faster and more uniform growth over larger areas. And because the unit is both self-powered and portable, it’s easy for you to mulch in diverse locations and hard to reach areas.

The B40 Straw Blower is perfect for the small to mid-size mulching projects such as residences, repair areas and cemeteries. With the versatile B40 you can do a number of applications including seed protection, soil stabilization, erosion control, straw mulch and pine straw applications around trees, shrubbery, berry beds, and bedding plants.

B70 Straw Blower

B70 Straw Blower - High Capacity Output with 60 feet blowing distance

The towable FINN B70 Straw Blower provides high productivity output by blowing up to up to 7 tons of material per hour over distances up to 60 feet. Its 35.1 hp Yanmar TF4 engines provides dependable performance and proven reliability for large commercial applications.

The B70 Straw Blower is an ideal unit for mid-size to large mulching projects including highway construction or large commercial applications.

B230 Straw Blower

B230 Straw Blower – Shred and Blow up to 20 Tons of Straw per Hour

The FINN B230 Straw Blower is designed for maximum performance and operator convenience. It is widely considered the standard by which all straw and hay mulching equipment should be measured. With the highest material capacity in the industry (up to 20 tons/hour), the B230 handles the toughest material while performing at high levels of production and dependability. The B230 is the Straw Blower of choice for mine reclamation, highway construction, and large commercial sites.

• High production of up to 20 tons per hour for the biggest jobs
• 72hp (53.7 kW) Yanmar 4TNV98CT-NVT turbocharged diesel with an over-center clutch.
• Discharges straw up to 90 feet
• Operator station with adjustable, padded seat with armrests for comfort and to avoid fatigue
• Ball bearing mounted discharge cannon with 359-degree horizontal rotation for maximum coverage
• Feed tray with variable speed hydraulic-powered conveyor to feed straw at your pace
• Tandem, 6,000-pound rubber torsion axles for greater stability on the road and the job site
• The beater chamber features eight removable beater chains to ensure optimal processing of discharged material

FINN Krimper attachment

Krimper Attachment – Ideal Partner to Any Seeding Project

The FINN Krimper attachment is the ideal partner to any seeding project that requires the use of straw or hay to protect the seed and help it grow by retaining moisture. The FINN Krimper anchors the straw into the soil to avoid loss of material or coverage. At the same time, it ensures the reduction of erosion and runoff while the seed is germinating. Alternatively, if the straw or hay is not anchored to the soil, it is subject to the risk of blowing or washing away by high winds or rainfall.

Krimper Applications
Proper use of the FINN Krimper will provide protection for newly seeded areas on both slopes and flat surfaces. It’s perfect for any application where straw or hay has been used for seed protection, soil stabilization, erosion control and straw mulch applications. Regardless of the job size or type of work, the FINN Krimper’s rugged construction will allow years of dependable performance.

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